DayZ – Friendly Encounter

First, I’ve gotta say this game has devoured pretty much all of my free time the past week.  When I was signing out a few minutes ago I had logged 30 hours so far.  I like the game so much that I actually made Heather buy a copy too.  We’ve been playing together quite a bit in the regular servers and have geared up quite nicely.  Today however, I’ve been playing on a hardcore server (first-person only) and it was proving very difficult until I met Phil.

After an hour or so of running around looking for supplies, my guy was coming very close to starving to death.  I think the most recent update must’ve made food spawn less often because it’s way harder to find now (in my brief experience anyway).  I made it to a town that looked promising and I found nothing but rotten fruit, two hats, a hacksaw, and a bat.   The bat came in handy fighting off several very aggressive zombeis, but I wasn’t about to try the fruit.

2014-02-10_00001Phil - DayZAfter finally vanquishing the zombies I started to head out of town in search of food and water and that’s when I saw Phil.  He was just standing in the middle of the street, much like the zombies tend to do.  I was hesitant about approaching him after all the stories I’ve read online about people killing each other on sight.  DayZ’s reddit page is full of stories like that if you spend any time over there.  I decided to risk it and ran up about 20 yards from him.  Phil was friendly and since he still had no equipment I gave him the hacksaw, a hat, and half my rotten fruit.  Neither of us were in any better or worse shape, but I felt better having shared my junk.

Phil - DayZ - 2We headed out and eventually found some food and water.  We picked up a few weapons (Phil was lucky enough to find a Mosin in a random house) and found some more equipment along the way.  We chatted as we traveled and I learned this was the first he’d played the game at all.  Before we parted ways I gave him my axe and some rags and wished him good luck.  He thanked me and headed off to loot another house.

I really enjoyed my first human interaction in DayZ and I hope I was able to give Phil a positive first experience with the game.  Even though so many people report negative results when meeting other people, I like to think there are other good players out there.

What have your encounters been like?  Have you been shot on sight every time?  Axed to death?  Or did a fully geared player greet you and offer to share their supplies?  Let me know in the comments; I really enjoy reading DayZ stories.


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