DayZ – Heather’s Progress

I’ve become quite addicted to this zombie survival video game. Ever since Chad started playing DayZ, I wanted to find out what the game offered. Of course I started off with nothing, but as I made my way across the map to find Chad, I found some loot which included a fire hydrant, a vest, and some food. When I finally located Chad, he gave me a hat to top off my amazing ensemble.


From the picture, I look like I could be a real survivor. I mean a fire hydrant is not an ideal weapon, but when it comes to a zombie apocalypse, you can’t be too picky.

After we met up, we decided to go exploring for more supplies. After I discovered a very bright yellow raincoat, a backpack, and an axe, we felt the need for a photo shoot. The entire time we were just waiting to be shot by bandits or passing travelers, but we managed to take all the ridiculous pictures we wanted without being killed. One of my favorites is where I pose in front of the sun for an “angel” shot.


After the photo shoot, we ventured on to find a gun for me because I didn’t want to take any of his. I picked up a lot of ammo on our way to the airfield, but had no luck finding any other weapon besides bats and shovels. I came upon a new jacket and decided that the raincoat was way too conspicuous, so I went with the light brown jacket.

We happened upon a castle type structure, and while I searched one floor and found designer sunglasses, Chad made his way to the top and found a shotgun for me. Finally, I was in possession of a gun. Of course it was time for more photos. 


I feel like I blend quite nicely into the background. It was now time to make our way to the airfield. When we arrived at the airfield, we quickly scavenged the buildings and found different weapons that we didn’t need and some food. After our search, we ran away to a safer location.

In a town near the airfield, we found some great loot. I found a Mosin that I traded to Chad for an M4. We swapped so Chad could use the scope I found for the Mosin. While in this town, I came upon an awesome “wolf” mask that looked like a clown mask and an army pilot helmet. I ditched the hat and sunglasses and proceeded to put on my new mask and helmet. Let’s just say, I don’t look very friendly anymore.


In all honesty, I look like a deranged clown that escaped the circus to murder people, but that’s beside the point. I’m sure no one will want to be my friend now. Not that we really need a friend since we seem to be pretty well equipped now.


4 thoughts on “DayZ – Heather’s Progress

  1. “I look like a deranged clown that escaped the circus to murder people”
    Ha! Intimidation can be quite… helpful yunno. And who knows you actually might get friends, they just might think you’re badass.

    Also, I’ve been contemplating getting this game for so long along with Rust. But with Uni taking over majority of my time; I’m scared it just might sit in my account. (That and I have zero dollars atm) Aha.

    Nice write up!

    • That might be true. I feel like I should just sneak up behind someone and yell “hello!” That should get their heart pumping or a bullet in my head, whichever.

      It’s a really fun game, and it can be time consuming. It’s still in the Alpha stage, so if you do wait to get it, the game should be more updated. I ended up giving in and buying it. I’m glad I did though.

      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried this game yet.. Because I know I will be totally addicted in a matter of minutes and my degree will go out the window… So it’ll have to wait until I’m finished in May. *dramatic sigh*


    Great post! LOVE the pictures.

    • It’s a very addicting game. I can spend all evening just looting houses, looking for new gear and weapons.

      One positive thing about having to wait until May is that the game should be upgraded more. That way, there’s no strange glitches where you fall through the floor or off a ladder and break your legs (This happened to me, so tragic). Plus, they will be adding in a lot more cool stuff, so you can look forward to that.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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