DayZ – So Many Experiences!

RescuerConfigurationI’m sorry this is another post about DayZ, but I’m just so hooked that it’s all I’ve been playing lately.  Besides, exciting things have been happening so I wanted to share my experiences with others who may be unsure about whether or not to get the game right now.  Hopefully this will help give those people a better idea of what the game is like in it’s current stage.

I’ve heard some people saying that once you reach a point in the game where you’re fully geared with pretty much everything you need, it can get a little dull.  This is definitely true.  The game is still in the very early stages of development so there’s not a lot to do at the moment besides scavenging and killing other players.

However, I decided that instead of giving up and waiting for more updates I was going to find a way to keep it interesting right now.

I don’t like killing other players and hate confrontation in general, so I wanted to find a way to help other players instead.  That’s when I came across the Reddit Rescue Force.  The Rescue Force and the Rescue Rangers are dedicated to helping other players whenever they can.  As an open community, anyone can join simply by participating (although becoming a verified Rescue Ranger requires dedication and hard work).  I joined in and started keeping an eye on the forum as I played.  That’s when I got my chance to help player in need!


My patient had apparently fallen off the shipwreck that is located along the eastern coast of the map.  The fall broke his legs and he needed someone to bring him either a splint or some morphine.  I had some morphine and was in the area so I contacted him through Team Speak and made my way to his location.  I injected him with the morphine which fixed his leg, gave him some spare food, and we both went our separate ways.  It was an awesome experience and I really hope to help more players in the future.

Having completed my mission I headed off to gather supplies for future rescues.  That search lead me north to the North East Airfield where I found some really good stuff.  I got some medical supplies that I needed (blood test kit, IV saline bag, morphine, and some bandages) but I also got some better weaponry.  Every part of my M4 is now pristine and I’ve got enough ammo to get by.  I also found a pistol to go with all the .45 ammo I’ve been carrying around.  I darted out of one of the buildings and headed for the nearest town.

That’s when I heard a loud “CRACK” and my screen flashed.  I had been shot!  I was lucky enough to still be alive so I spun quickly around, attempting to see my attacker.  Finding nobody close by I decided to just run toward the closest tree-line.  “CRACK!”  The screen flashed again and I was sure I would die any second.  I ran for about 5 minutes after I made it to the tree-line.  There were no more shots.  When I was sure I was safe I checked my gear and found that only my pants had been damaged in the attack.  I wasn’t even bleeding!

I was lucky to be alive, let alone still have such great gear and supplies.  My heart was racing (my real one, the adrenaline this game causes is CRAZY!) so I decided I should log off for a while and call it a day.  So here I am, writing about my experience, hoping my attacker reads about it and sees that he/she failed.

That’s right!  You FAILED!  WHAT?!  Come at me bro!
*twitches and nervously glances around the room*


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