New Youtube Channel

Ok, so starting a blog about video games didn’t work as well to motivate us as we thought it would.  Instead, we just didn’t blog OR play our ever-increasing list of unplayed games.  But we have a new strategy now!

We have been playing games lately, just not like we want to be.  We were hoping to play through a variety of our unplayed games, but instead, we’ve mostly been playing the same few games.  Heather has been playing some games on the PS3 like Prototype and Bioshock.  I’m still hooked on DayZ and hope to have some videos of that up in the future.  It was actually through DayZ that I met up with some people who recorded a lot of videos and I learned about Open Brodcaster Software.  That little piece of free software made it so that I can record gameplay and pretty much anything else done on the computer.

The next step was obvious.  We watch a lot of “Let’s Play” videos on Youtube and have wanted to do some of our own in the past.  Until now we couldn’t simply because there was no way for us to record anything.  Now that we can, we’ve been re-energized and have been playing (and recording) games every chance we’ve had for the past week.

OBS is a little tricky to use at first, but the editing was the more difficult part.  Our first two videos (embedded below) are proof of that.  Luckily we’re quick learners and every time we find something else to fix, we go right at it until we get it right.  So far we’re on the right track I believe.  Our upcoming videos are already a significant improvement on what we released already, so be on the look out for those.

If you want to subscribe to our channel, or just want to check out our videos, head over to our Youtube channel.  We hope to get a schedule set up soon to keep us focused, but for now we’re still working the kinks out and want to make sure we’re good to go before committing to something too serious.  And don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of Alan Wake because we have other games in the works too, like Bioshock.  Maybe even some Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Haven’t decided just yet.

Anyway, here are our first two videos just to give you an idea of what we’re doing.  The 4:3 aspect ratio was one of our first issues to tackle and we’ve since fixed that, so all future videos will be 16:9.  Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.


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