Featured on a Youtube Channel in a Very Unique Way

One of the best things about being on WordPress and Youtube is the connections that you make and the friends you meet.  In less than a month on Youtube we were already interacting with good people and it really has been enjoyable.

On an even more exciting note, Heather and I were lucky enough to be featured in another Youtuber’s video!  Lionite has this unique thing where at the end of his Let’s Play videos he does a special drawing for someone who commented on a previous video.  We left a comment on one of his videos and he went back to our Terraria Christmas Special and drew this awesome picture of Santa:

Lionite Drawing

We really liked it and wanted to share it with everyone.  If you like watching people draw or watching Let’s Plays  on Youtube, go give Lionite’s channel a look.  You’re welcome to give our channel a look too of course.  🙂



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