Steam Calculator – So Cool, So Demoralizing

Hoarding games on Steam is extremely easy.  There are sales literally every day.  Sometimes you can’t find any good games on sale, but most of the time you can find one or two.  Over time, these games pile up and you end up sitting on a bunch of games that you’ve never played.

Enter the Steam Calculator.

This handy little page will calculate the current value of the games you have in your Steam library.  It will also show you the value of your games based on their full retail price.  Those are scary numbers to look at.  They knew it would be when they made it because the button that calculates the totals says, “Get disappointed in your life.”

The website also lists every game that you own and how long you’ve played each one.  Of course, it’s also very easy to see which ones haven’t played as well . . .

Then, at the bottom, it gives you this nice little summary that you can display on forums and other places (though you might have to tidy up the code a bit depending on where you post it):

**My Steam Profile**

  • Worth: $1484 ($397 with sales)
  • Games owned: 125
  • Games not played: 92 (74%)
  • Hours on record: 798.9 h

But that’s not all you can do from that page.  Along the top there are some drop-down menus.  One of the coolest parts of the website is that you can click on the “Sales” tab and it will pull up every sale that Steam has going on.  You can then sort them far easier than you can in the Steam store.  The default sort method lists games that are the most discounted first.

I just thought I should share this tool because it certainly opened my eyes.  How many games do you own that you’ve yet to play?  What are your games worth?  Feel free to paste your results in the comments!


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