About This Blog

I (Chad) started this blog after a Black Friday trip to town yielded 9 new video games for my fiance and me.  As I tried to find room for them on the entertainment center, I realized we had a lot of games that had yet to be played.  Deciding that was a terrible tragedy, I began trying to find a way to remedy the situation.

We just had to play.  We had to find time to sit down and play through these games that in the past just weren’t that exciting or we never took time to play.  As collectors of all things, we had a tendency to buy games that were on sale or on impulse, but never follow through and actually play them.  Hopefully this blog will force us to spend some extra time on gaming so we can get a handle on this ever-expanding stack of unplayed games.

The list of games we own is currently showing over 230 games across 9 gaming systems.  This list does not include my Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, or my Steam games.  We hope to add them soon but for now we went with the stuff we have out on display in our game room.

If you would like to see the list we have, click on the “Game Collection” link below.  I would love to be able to display it here so you don’t have to download anything, but the list is far too long to show here.  The list is saved in an Excel spreadsheet so make sure you have a way to read it (OpenOffice is always a good piece of free software).

Game Collection (Very out of date now – 1/4/15)

If you don’t trust me and/or don’t want to download our spreadsheet, here’s a summary so you can at least see the totals for each game system we have.

NES – 8 Games
SNES – 15 Games
Nintendo 64 – 8 Games
GameCube – 3 Games
Wii – 9 Games
PC – 40 Games (Excluding Steam)
Sega Genesis – 30 Games
PS2 – 63 Games
PS3 – 55 Games

The above list is quite out of date as of 1/4/15.  We hope to update it to show the correct numbers soon.


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