I am a very busy person and I like to do a wide variety of things.  As such, I always have something on my to-do list and am rarely bored.  One day I’ll be sewing stuffed Pokeballs after work, the next I’ll be photographing Jupiter through my telescope.  One weekend I’ll be dueling it up at a Yu-gi-oh regional tournament, the next I’ll be at the shooting range with a few of my firearms.

This blog is not my only blog.  I feel that by sharing the things I do with other people, it helps justify the money I waste by doing them.  Basically, blogging about what I’m doing is my way of proving to the world its worth doing and that I’m not crazy because I enjoy it.

If you’re interested in one of my other two blogs, the links are below.  Just be warned, neither are updated that often anymore.  Because, after all, I am very busy . . .

Backyard Shooter: This is a blog where I discuss firearms and all things related to them.  I enjoy guns and find shooting them to be both relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

Yu-gi-oh Newb: In this blog, I talk about the trading card game Yu-gi-oh.  I’ve always enjoyed the game and recently spent time playing with some local people.

Got a question or just want to chat?  Just use the contact form below!


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