Our Rating System

On this page, we discuss how our rating system works.  Because we own and play a wide variety of games, we’ll focus on certain aspects of each genre. For instance, a good strategy game features realistic AI, but doesn’t really have to have a story.  On the other hand, story is extremely important to action-adventure games like The Legend of Zelda.

For the most part, the main categories will be: Story, Controls, Gameplay, and Replay Value. These are what we really look for in a game, and these three will show up in every review with or without additional categories added. It will depend on how much the additional categories affects the game.

Our overall rating will be based on the average of the categories. We’ll round up on games we really enjoy, and we’ll round down on games we don’t enjoy.

★★★★★ = Fantastic, I would highly recommend!
★★★★ = Great, I would recommend.
★★★ = Good, It’s worth playing.
★★ = Okay, Not really worth playing.
★ = Hated, This should not have been made.


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